It's no secret that stained glass is here to stay. It's no surprise since it's been around for hundreds of years and literally brightens people's days! So here are my top 3 reason why you think about when picking the a stained glass company to hire.

1. Size of the company: Larger the company the larger their over-head, so the more they have to charge. 

2. Quality of the stained glass. Whether it's the creation of the final piece, the quality of glass, or the craftsmanship of the install.

3. The artist. Choose the Artist best for the job. If you love their art, you'll certainly love the final product that will be a showcase for all to see in your house! 

So that's it. Pretty simple, but pretty effective! 

Best of luck with who you choose and Of course I do hope it's me :)


Patrick Jones

Portland Maine

I'm an Internationally Published Photographer from Los Angeles and now in Portland Maine. I own Caffeine Creative, a Creative Agency. I work with clients from the West Coast to East Coast. I've been doing Photography several years now, but have a long history in Design/Film/Television and Radio. I'm pretty passionate about espresso and making latte art. Follow me on Instagram (SurJones) to see a peak instead a my daily hustle!