Sometimes houses come with a good solid door, and a cheese glass sidelight. Those sidelights are there, so you can see out of them and to allow your home to be lightened up naturally. The huge issue people have with Sidelights is that they don't like to feel like they live in. fishbowl. They apply a film that's really thick and blocks about 2-3 stops of light, but also visibility, so you can see who's at your front door. Now stained glass can be clear is some spots for your to look out, or you can have me design some portions of different opacities, so you still make out if someone is at your door when they aren't suppose to be. 

So whether you have a sidelight or a nice return all next to you door, you have options to introduce Natural light, and also add a little visible security! 

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Patrick Jones

Portland Maine

I'm an Internationally Published Photographer from Los Angeles and now in Portland Maine. I own a Small Digital Creative Agency with clients from the West Coast to East Coast. I've been doing Photography for a couple years now, but have a long history in Film/Television and Radio. I'm pretty passionate about espresso and making latte art. Follow me on Instagram (SurJones) to see a peak instead a my daily hustle!